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Best Eye Specialist Doctor in IndiaBest Eye Specialist in Phagwara, Punjab, India – Choosing the best eye specialist in India is beneficial for you because you can get assurance for top class eye care and treatment. Dr. Rajan Eye Care Hospital is the leading eye care services provider in India with many years of experience. The hospital is well recognized throughout the country for best results and offers the very best treatment to patients and has continuously delivering specific eye care services for a variety of disorders of the eyes. At Dr. Rajan Eye Care Hospital, we feel a sense of pride for recognition of our eye care services nationally and internationally. We are not only serving residents but we also have a long list of people from foreign countries who are satisfied with our utmost eye care treatment.

We (the best eye specialist in Punjab) always provide personalized care to our patients and have specialization from primary diagnostic to complex eye surgeries. Our hospital is equipped with highly advanced testing equipment for eyes and also has the machinery to check patients’ eyes for glaucoma, cataract, and squint. The ambiance and environment of our hospital are also neat and clean and also have good quality furniture.

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As the best eye specialist in Phagwara, Punjab (India), Dr. Rajan always provides useful advice to patients for keeping the eyes healthy, and he always recommends the best treatment. Dr. S. Rajan has many years of experience in performing eye surgeries and wins many awards from the social associations for rendering best eye care services. So if you want to get rid of your eyes relating problems, then you must contact Dr. Rajan Eye Care Hospital Phagwara, Punjab (India).

Dr. Rajan Eye Care Hospital & Laser Center was started by Dr. S. Rajan (MBBS, MS) at the small town of Punjab (Doaba), Phillaur in 2004 with basic facilities of cataract surgery. Dr. S. Rajan completed MBBS in Govt. Medical College, Amritsar and done his master degree MS from Rajindra Govt Medical College, Patiala, Punjab, India.

Starting with Phacoemulsification and other basic surgeries like Glaucoma, Squint etc. After 5 Years of hard-working, Dr. S.Rajan started a new main branch at Phagwara in 2009 having specialized facilities of advanced cataract surgery, Retina & Glaucoma Clinics, advanced Oculoplastics and varies other latest modern facilities.