The Collamer TORIC ICL is an extra lens, similar to a contact lens. The difference is that the TORIC ICL is placed inside the eye, rather than on the surface of the eye. The lens is soft and tiny, much like the natural lens, but does not replace it. The TORIC ICL is specially shaped to correct Shortsight, Farsight, Astigmatism. The Toric TORIC ICL also corrects astigmatism often found in combination with short and farsight. The lens works in a similar way as glasses or contact lenses by changing the way light is focused on the retina.

TORIC ICL implant behind the iris As the TORIC ICL is tiny and soft, it can be folded up so small that it can be injected into the eye in seconds through a tiny self sealing opening. Once injected, the TORIC ICL unfolds into position in the liquid between the iris and natural lens. TORIC ICL corrects the eyesight usually without any further treatment being necessary (the TORIC ICL can also be removed or replaced, if required, in another simple procedure).

The TORIC ICL is made of a unique bio-material called Collamer. Collamer is accepted by the eyes as not being a ‘foreign tissue’. This means that the body does not react or reject the TORIC ICL as a foreign body. Other special features of Collamer are its optical clarity and the flexibility and elasticity that allow it to be folded up and then to recover its correct shape in the liquid inside the eye.

TORIC ICLs are intended to remain in place without maintenance however patients are advised to be seen annually by their eye surgeon to ensure all remains well. If it becomes necessary, for any reason, TORIC ICLs can be easily removed by trained surgeons