Zyoptix is essentially a personalised laser eye surgery procedure to treat short- and far-sightedness. Where standard LASIK is able to re-create the vision you can achieve by wearing glasses or contact lenses, Zyoptix allows surgeons to go a step further by examining the unique irregularities on your eye’s surface and correcting those also.

How does Zyoptix work?
Zyoptix combines data from two diagnostic systems to create your personalised laser eye surgery procedure. The first process examines the structure of your cornea to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. The second creates a detailed map of the anatomy of your eye, marking out where all the imperfections are. Known as ‘higher order aberrations,’ these minute flaws affect the finer aspects of your eye sight and may be responsible for you experiencing glare, halos, blurring, starburst patterns or even double vision. The Zyoptix procedure will be able to correct the imperfections thereby reducing, or even eliminating, your experience of these visual disturbances.